After European Champs in Arnhem

I finally grew up to write sth, comment and rate my last performance on the European Championship.
Hmm .. a lot of things weren’t wrapped up before the start. I realize that now, earlier I thought I was wrong. The basic thing wasn’t reached: I hadn’t had clear mind and I hadn’t been relaxed as much as I should have been.
It seems to me that it was the main reason of my failure. We were handicapping ourselves, me and my rifle, one by one. As a result the shit came.. Strange mistakes appeared and destroyed quite good work.
I was far away from the ideal but it wasn’t as bad as it might seem. However, on this stage rivals don’t ask if they can do sth, but simply do it without asking – they kick my butt. And this time it was the same.
I shot 570 in ‘the big boar’ but a little of ‘lucky luck’ was missing in the mix. However, the result isn’t astonishing two points to the first place say sth.. Now I have to undergo the bitterness of failure. And now each of the next medals would taste delicious. I hope so. I hope there would be next one and it would be delicious. Peace
There will be some new photos from European Championship in Arnhem in a few days, so please visit the gallery

Say Hi with Baltic See in Puck

Well, Sheet There was fun and it ended. Two performances in ‘air-gun’ competition during classification can be put in a group defined as ‘DISASTER’.
Simple carange, I cant describe it better. Maybe If I say that the result doesn’t reflect the whole shooting, hmm.. I think you won’t believe me. However, I got so little points that for me it is also hard to believe.
I changed my grip to ‘Ciro’ with my coach on Thursday. It behaves totally different than the previous one but on the other hand a pistol seems to keep better. I have to get used to it, work on it. Oooo yes, I have to work on it hard. It seems to me that I have an intensive, stepped-up course of keeping a gun correctly. But better late than never.
Strong recoils made the result 554 and 553. I shot it so I won’t be hiding with so poor scor. It was I who did it myself…
I had a moment of letdown today. After this bullshits I shot (17pionts missing in four shots) I’ve really cracked up. Disheartening and hopeless. I don’t understand it. I lost my spirit somewhere. Please keep your fingers crossed on the European Championship in Arnhem. Peace

Olimpijczycy na zawodach w Pucku

Season 2015 its time to begin!!!!

Let’s the 2015 season start. In the beginning there are some great news for me: once again I and my sporting attempts are supported by ALUMINIUM ALSAL HUDYKA, AMARA PHARMA COMPANY and DASTAN FIRM which makes me always present smart. I promise that I will not disappoint you. Peace.

Last competition in 2014 Bialystok

czapla final
Shooting contest in Bialystok finished my season. However it’s difficult to sum it up. Dividing competitions I can say that I’m satisfied with moving targets. Being World Champion twice and European Champion once is something nice despite the fact that Sporting Overview doesn’t even notice that. Whatever the case, I still delude myself, every year, that I will have a chance to compete with other sportsmen. Continue reading